This according to Dori Molitor, founder and CEO of WomanWise LLC.  Dori said their message was clear: They were upset about what many called the “greed” and “corruption” of corporate America, they were fearful that they might lose their jobs, their homes, their retirement, and their ability to send or keep their children in college.

And yet, in the eye of this “perfect storm” of economic calamities, there was also a certain kind of calm. When asked, “How much has the economy affected your lifestyle, an overwhelming 68 percent said only “somewhat.”

Our country has gone through floods, hurricanes, war and witnessing the carnage of terrorists attact on the World Trade Towers – within the last 7 years.   The fears represented above represent a cocooning of sorts – a protection of the nest and their own “world order”.   These are the same fears represented after 9-11, yet research done shortly afterward identified that cocooning trends were already in place and merely expanded by the events of terrorism.   It appears we may be seeing the same mega-trend being reinforced – not necessarily a shift in overall attitudes.

That can be good news for marketers.