picture-2As requested by a reader, we are pleased to share the news that Guest Relations Marketing was recently honored with two awards in celebration of the recent campaign for Daufuskie Island Resort.

A breathtaking island off the South Carolina coast, Daufuskie Island provides a serene escape from the hustle & bustle of everyday life, a place to reconnect with yourself and with family.  The roots of the campaign centered around findings from the true zealots of Daufuskie – a connection with nature, a discovery of solitude, and a quiet beauty.

Wonderful & reknown photographer Jimmy Williams captured the essence of the Island Resort through his photography, and was awarded 3rd place at the International Photography Awards for “Advertising Photographer of the Year – Catalogs.”

The campaign was also presented a 2008 Silver Adrian Award by the Hospitality Sales & Marketing for  Association International (HSMAI)“Best Positioning of an Individual Hotel Property.”

Ourselves zealots for the beautiful Island, we are honored to apply the principles of Zealotry Marketing to a brand campaign and be recognized by our peers in the category for excellence.