recommend-thisBuilding zealots is a fundamental approach to marketing … packaged goods have long understood the competitive power of defining and segmenting marketing practice to heavy users.   Their approach focused purely on volume of usage and did not take into account satisfaction and impact their unsolicited referrals can have within their community.

Targeting zealots combines operational performance with the efficiency of potential word-of-mouth performance.  By building against zealots – we are aligning those customers that are best satisfied with the actual brand delivery and are most likely to practice the most effective and efficient marketing activities – word-of-mouth referral and repeat purchase.

From a pure advertising standpoint, targeting zealots and potential zealots aims messaging at a mindset versus demographic – often increasing the potential target audience.   Creative is allowed to be more intelligent – playing to a higher sensibility and category understanding.   That results in more distinctive work and a higher brand value perception.

Harvard Business Review has written that the number one measure of brand profitability is the correlation of customers that are “extremely likely” to recommend a brand product or service to their friends or family.

Does your business target mindset or demographics?  Those that relate best to your business are likely to do so for reasons other than their age, their household status or where they live.  Do you understand who your zealots are?