All great brands have a cadre of zealots.  Whether you care to admit it or not, we are all crazy enthusiasts for certain brands. From big brands to small, practical to frivolous, embarrassing to important – certain brands hold a special place in each of our hearts for one reason or another.

For instance, I’m a sucker for Starbuck’s.  The purest rational reason I can offer is that they are ubiquitous – they are close by anytime I need a legal hit of caffeine.
The emotional hook is one Starbuck’s understands and plays to very well.   I, like many others, pay the premium price as a small “reward” or break in my day. Some smoke, some have a hidden flask, others eat.  Me?  I go to Starbucks to gain some equilibrium in my day.

As a result of being a zealot, I often overlook or excuse their shortcomings.   I’m not blind to their less than stellar performance at times, but they periodically do relatively small touches that reinforce why I’m a zealot of this brand.  For instance, credit card bills.   Did you ever relish opening one?  Well, Starbucks periodically puts in their monthly credit card bill a coupon good for a free drink or dessert.  This relatively small token causes one to look at their monthly bill a little more fondly.  I could go on.

You may not be a zealot of Starbucks, but you very likely have your own stories of brands that you love.  The value of zealots is that they are always ready and willing to tell anyone about their experiences.   It’s human nature to share remarkable experiences – good and bad.

We’d like to know … what are you a zealot for?   What are some remarkable examples of a brand, company or organization reinforcing the passion those share about their brand?