Football fanatics (or zealots) will do just about anything to experience the game in person.

Including allowing television timeouts to totally disrupt the momentum of the game, shift the starting times to fit broadcast schedules and significantly lengthen the entire event.

Colleges have played with time clock rules to try and address this issue.  How about just letting the action CONTINUE while the broadcast is in a commercial break?

The overall experience AT the game is certainly lessened by the game being telecast.   Perhaps, football can consider shorter commercial breaks along with allowing the game to proceed during those breaks.   Television audiences could “catch up” to the action that was missed during commercial breaks through that little video tool called “replay”.  It’s not like they don’t replay nearly every play, anyway.

So, let the game continue.   Replay the significant plays missed once the broadcast returns from a commercial break.   NASCAR does it.  Hockey does it. So, does soccer.   ESPN should try it …. and give the fans at the game a break.

And, provide a better experience to the PAYING guest.