What exactly is an “e-blast”?   The very term is impersonal, not very interesting and designed to “bombard” consumers into actions – almost in a subliminal fashion.  “E-Blast” – sounds like something out of George Orwell novel.  It certainly doesn’t feel like the right way to approach a letter, an introduction or a conversation with a prospect, acquaintance, customer or in our world, a “guest.”

Why are e-blasts a part of the nomenclature?  Simple – it’s the easy way out for so-called marketing types who prefer to execute rather than think.   Who believe marketing is about how cheap, how many and how often.

And, its not just the likes of “off shore” gaming schemes that resort to e-blasts as their prime marketing “strategy.”

Take the “eblast” I continue to receive from GlobeSt.com.   I originally got on their list mistakenly thinking I would get a brief on the happenings of the real estate industry.   Instead, my email has been passed along faster than a hot stock tip to whatever promotional group they can offer it to.   So, I’m now getting “e-spammed”.  Do they have the unsubscribe notice in their e-blast?  Yes.   I’ve only unsubscribed about 5 times.   What I’ve learned is that there are a series of promotional and marketing groups I’ve been added to – without my permission.   And, you have to “unsubscribe” to each.  Meantime, I still get the primary GlobeSt.com “blast” in spite of following the rules of “unsubscribe.”

Like other companies that rally to the low cost and gross impressions of “e-blasts,” I’m guessing their marketing people are proud of the program they’ve created.  I can see the marketing manager for this program bragging to their boss about the “number of impressions,” the number of e-blasts sent, the number of promotional partners that have resulted and how little this cost. But, just what is the real benefit of such marketing?

I’m sure everyone has his or her own GlobeSt.com. People say marketing is not brain surgery.  But, neither is it a function for some back-office accounting clerk who has no clue what a brand is, how important trust and credibility is in sustaining that brand and how quickly it can all go away.

In a day and age of ability to segment databases down to individual preferences; when “permission marketing” and choice is king; there is no reason to resort to the concept of “e-blasts.”  E-blasts are merely another direct communications tool.   Just because it is cheap and easy doesn’t mean you should do it.   Make it personable, make it interesting and make it respectful.   It’s a letter, that’s all.